We provide delicate and premium home care selections that contain no hydroquinone and no steroid.  Enjoy special price for our members only, up to 30% saving from our non-member price. Just simply sign up with no commitment.


Product Selections


Morning Cream
Our morning cream is made of vitamins that will help increasing your under skin blood circulation for better nutrients transport into the skin, resulting in brighter, healthier looking skin.



Night Cream
These brightening or acne care night creams are hydroquinone and steroid free, give you worry-free and risk-free about long last side effects.



Sun Care
Using SPF 30 and containing titanium dioxide, the product is safe for all skin type, blocking sun penetration up to 6 hours.



Acne Gel
On the spot acne treatment, that will induce oxygen penetration into the acne prone skin, leaving no space for p.acne bacteria to live.



Facial Cleanser
Contains aloe vera, this gentle facial cleanser with very nice scent is safe for all skin type. It will not induce oil production nor over dry the skin.



Anti Irritation
We provide 2 (two) types of anti irritation cream for chemical peeling and other exfoliation treatment to help maintain your delicate skin.



Nano Series
Beside the exclusive local selection, we also offer you our imported Nano series. The Nano selection is produced with nano technology which makes the molecule very small that they penetrate right into the skin cells and stays there, making the treatment much more effective, giving your skin a very healthy radiant look.